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13:11 - 2002-03-23
Woke up really late today. Like within the past hour. Ok but I did lay in bed awhile. I need to eat something and find something to do.

I think I'll have a lazy day. Laying around, reading, taking turns sleeping.

Had my iPod updated to V.1.1. I start to think put my 5GB iPod for auction on Yahoo and get a 10GB model........

21:32 - 2002-03-22
I don't have any reasons to update recently. Blah blah blah. Oh, sH is being delayed. No way! I'm in a big hurry to get it.

Reading Chainsaw's diary makes me think "How to keep a functional relationship?"

It's sucha jumble of feelings. I don't want to talk much about the future yet - I don't see Derek much, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I don't call him in weekdays. The more calls I make I'll attach myself to him. Every time when we're having fun, I think, "I can live on by myself if we break up." That's such a terrible, morbid thought - I know it is, but it's really a method of Love/Self preservation. And we've been going out for 3 works!

This week is going by fast. But still my life is incredibly dreary and dull.

I hope everyone have a great weekend!

23:24 - 2002-03-19
Lan Yu
original fiction of Lan Yu.

23:01 - 2002-03-19
Yo Macua!
So we have Easter plans for this year. We're going to Macua with Jason, Mandy, Teddy and Ada. Probably we'll stay for 3 days. Seriously, I don't care where are we going to as long as I'm out of town.

02:09 - 2002-03-18
Today is going by fast, time flies when you're having fun especially Derek is being disgustingly cute and it makes my day.

We went to the movies to see Shallow Hal. It was okay. There were only 6 people in the theater, which was cool. Ususally people sitting behind me were so annoying and I suffered through their scuffing, their family dramas and their commentary. But today, I can have some quiet moment.

Biohazard/Resident Evil is coming next week and I can't wait to play it. I've ordered it already, it sounds crazy cuz it included 2 disc plus one save card and costs only $348. So, 4 days to count!

For some reasons, I think Biohazard/Resident Evil movie sucks. Though I like Mila-whoever. And I want to cry when I read the news about Dragon Ball movie. Hollywood, leave Japanese animations/games alone. Please!



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